Makes management systems active supporting your business

ISO2ACT automatically links signalling, reporting and documentation inform, act, evaluate and learn. At any time from anywhere with Smartphone, Tablet and PC.

ISO2ACT is a product of ACTNOVUM
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ISO2ACT makes it easy for you to have an integrated management system to set up and keep alive to support your business. “From reporting to improving”

To learn
Information documents
Safety Sheets
More information
Inspections and toolboxes
Workplace Inspections
HSE consultation
More information
Notifications issues
Customer Complaints
Internal abnormalities
Supplier Deviations
Improvement proposals
Accidents, incidents
More information
Action handling
Corrective (remedial) actions
Correcting measures
Improvement measures (preventive)
More information
Internal audits
Supplier audits
Customer satisfaction measurements
Supplier Ratings
Planning audits and inspections
More information
Management info
Info by type of issue
Info per sales order
Info per project
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Make working with ISO management systems and VCA more efficient for your organization

Yes, you might well say: “And all that hassle around it?”. Correct! Whether it’s paper documents or digital files… how do you solve that?

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ISO2ACT helps to continuously improve your business, discover the benefits


Overview and insight results in having a grip on. That is what you achieve with the use of ISO2ACT. Structure through the unambiguous processing via workflows of reports, assessments and inspections. As a result, control over the handling of the actions.


The goal of continuous improvement is understandable and transparent for everyone in your organization through the use of ISO2ACT. Regardless of whether it concerns the handling of customer complaints, internal deviations, incidents, measures or proposals for improvement. The status is clear at any time. Clear information, analysis and assessment.


By using ISO2ACT you make your business operations demonstrably compliant with the standards applicable to your organization. Demonstrability at any time, without extra effort well documented. Also facilitates the annual examinations by the certification body.

Time-saving and cost-effective

Due to the direct recording using the so-called ‘quick report’ issues can be reported efficiently. The further processing via the workflow can be continued later. Management information is immediately and up-to-date available. Using the filter and sorting options, the correct information is quickly available within ISO2ACT.