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Action handling

With integrated action management you get a grip on all actions. This allows you to keep track of all actions within the organization. Avoid loose action lists and thus stimulate processing. If the planned end date is exceeded, you will receive a reminder if desired.

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In ISO2ACT a distinction is made within the action management between the various actions:

Recovery action

Corrective actions or direct actions are the corrective actions. This still concerns symptom control; repair or limitation of damage. Corrective actions arise from the registered customer complaints (handling), internal deviations (resolution), incidents (immediate safety actions) etc..

Corrective Action

Corrective measures are measures that are taken after an analysis of the cause of a customer complaint, internal deviation or incident. This is to prevent a recurrence of the problem. Note re-active; to prevent a recurrence in the future or in any case to greatly reduce the chance of this happening. This is a specific improvement action that will remove the cause; cured. We evaluate the corrective action before closing it.

Improvement measure

The ‘general’ improvement measure is preventive. No undesirable situation has yet occurred. Potential risks are identified and eliminated or controlled in advance. We will take advantage of opportunities that arise; the improvement ideas. We also evaluate the improvement measure before closing it.

With the action management of ISO2ACT you can say goodbye to the various ‘loose’ action lists within your organization and you create a grip on actions.

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