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Inspections and toolboxes

The ‘VCA module’ includes planning, executing and documenting Workplace Inspections, Toolboxes and HSE consultations. Action management is also integrated here.

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Audits and inspections

You can also consult HSE and record toolboxes including associated documentation. It is possible to report issues and record actions.

You schedule the audits, workplace inspections and Toolboxes/VGM consultations. A planning board is available for the audits and separately for the Toolboxes/HSE meetings.

Workplace Inspections

You can organize workplace inspection reports yourself and perform them on a periodic basis or specifically per project. The report is divided into sections with underlying questions. It is possible to place comments per item. You can immediately disable any desired actions. Planning is done via the planning board.


You document toolboxes within ISO2ACT. You include attachments, possibly web links to presentations and videos. Registration of participants is provided. You can include a signed list of participants as one of the attachments. Evaluation and recording of any actions are provided. Planning is done via the planning board.

HSE consultation

You can make HSE consultations transparent by including them. You can record any actions directly from the registration.

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