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From reporting to improving

ISO2ACT automatically links signalling, reporting and documentation
inform, act, evaluate and learn

anytime from anywhere with Smartphone, Tablet and PC

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Cloud application for ISO + VCA

  • quickly report with Smartphone and Tablet
  • handling with workflow
  • efficient documentation with attachments
  • clearly inform – analyze and assess
  • result-oriented acting: action management
  • time saving

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Paper tape? Loose files?

  • Do you also hate all that paperwork?
  • Are the reports and individual registrations piling up?
  • Do you only receive the notification on paper after some time?
  • Do you have to record it on paper first and work it out later in the office?
  • Or are you drowning in the separate digital files, stored in an expanding folder structure?
  • Do you find it difficult to extract steering information from it?
  • Is preparing for the annual management review burdensome?
  • Do you lack visibility and control over actions in your organization?
  • Do you get the feeling that it does not provide you with added value?


Then we offer you the solution!

ISO2ACT our Cloud WebAPP

ISO2ACT the SME tool for smart and efficient registration, acting and information.

  • Notifications via smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • Document with photos and documents.
  • Automatically clear visual information.
  • Handling notifications and registrations via workflow.
  • Managing measures and other actions.
  • Demonstrable improvement: PDCA in the picture
  • Real-time graphic control information.
  • Making ISO and VCA documentation centrally available.
  • Entirely in the Cloud, no software to install and maintain, always the right version.

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