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Make auditing and inspection easier. The preparation, execution of audits and the development of proposals for improvement and deviations to be resolved is completed in one go with the help of the workflow.

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Internal audits

Internal audits are planned through the available planning board and handled via workflow steps:

  1. Schedule
  2. Preparation
  3. Performance
  4. Recording deviations and/or improvement proposals
  5. Reporting and closing

During the preparation you have direct insight into the reporting of previous audits, associated deviations, corrective measures taken and proposals for improvement.

Supplier audits

It is also possible to perform supplier audits in the same way, using workflow steps. Any deviations and/or actions observed can be recorded immediately.

Customer satisfaction measurements

You can carry out customer satisfaction measurements on the basis of figures or textual assessment with argumentation and direct insight into reported customer complaints.
In the case of numerical assessment, the assessment items can be subdivided and set up as you see fit. Any actions can be turned off immediately.

Supplier rating

The supplier assessments are performed numerically. Here too you can classify and subdivide the assessment items. It is possible to immediately report issues and record corresponding follow-up actions.


A planning board for internal audits and supplier audits is provided.
If an additional choice has been made for the VCA module, a separate planning board is available for workplace inspections and HSE consultations and Toolboxes.

The status of the audit, inspection or toolbox is immediately visible.

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